This site is meant to enlighten individuals, corporate bodies, governments and institutions on the total embodyment of the company. It endeavours to update old clients, warm up the enthusiasm of our current ones and stimulate our would-be clients thereby fostering warm and quality businesss relationship with us.

The Company, established with strong and solid financial backing, is to operate and serve the general public and governments in National Development and growth.

It has fulfilled all necessary constitutional, corporate, legal, financial and naturals obligations, and is duly authorized to operate in a healthy economic environment of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in the field of Engineering Construction.

Today, the Company has contracts within and outside Nigeria and it has vowed to continue to create a conducive atmosphere where Nigerians and foreigners would source for their means of livelihood without encountering problems.

The organisation has also been supporting the Nigerian government in the execution of its contracts on schedule and in the area of philanthropy through donations to needy agencies.

As part of the company’s expansion programme, the company has diversified into other areas of business including transport and agricultural operations.

The corporate goal of RCCL is to join in Nation Building. We are ready to serve you well.

Machinery and Equipment in Action
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